NITRO Nitro League
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Garage highlights

  • Garage customization

    Transform your garage into a personal kickass space! With your owned nfts, theme preferences and layout, you can make the Garage your own fortress of solitude…and style.

  • Pimp your NFT’s

    Modify your car for optimal performance and leave the competition in the dust when you use car part NFT’s to create the ultimate racing machine.

  • Earn even more

    Earn daily rewards like XP, fuel and credits when you log in and play the game. Best part is, these rewards will grow daily, so the more you play the more you earn.

  • Be the first to know

    Stay informed with our real-time daily notifications so you don't miss a chance to earn.

  • View Nitro Prime

    Marvel at the stunning view of Nitro Prime as you gaze through the window of your garage.

Jump into your Garage

Download the latest version to access your garage.

  1. Download app

    Download the latest version from this site.

  2. Install Game

    Once the app file is downloaded, you will be prompted to install the APK file. (To install the application, your phone has to allow the installation of unknown apps. You can find the toggle button to “install unknown apps” from the Security or Settings menu of your phone.)

  3. Login to the Game with TerraVirtua Account

    Once the game is installed, you can open the game. Once you see a login screen on game startup, congrats, the game is successfully installed! Sign in with your TerraVirtua account. If you don't have it yet you can create one here and get your first Nitro League NFT car.

  4. Enjoy Garage Experience
Download App Android only, 45 MB

Everyone loves it!

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The garage is better than anything else I've seen on the market.

The garage is very cool I can't wait for the release of the game.

Nitro give me need for speed vibs, but this one is one blockchain and the graphics for nitro is next level.

The garage is awesome and love the options. The cars and graphics is amazing and not wait for the launch.

The cars and graphics are amazing.

Compared to anything else I've seen, this garage is the best.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

They are available on the Terra Virtua marketplace The Nitro League marketplace will be released early next year.

Other than cars, Nitro League will be releasing a number of other NFT’s, such as car parts, land, teams, clans, tracks, shops, factories, and much, much more.

You can connect with us on our social media links

A car's value can be gauged by its rarity. Cars that are common are cheaper to buy and don't perform as well in races; whereas, rare cars are produced in lesser numbers, are more expensive, and perform better in races. There are 5 rarities - Common, Uncommon, Rare, Special, and Legendary.

The first feature release of Nitro League, offers a glimpse into the extended functionality of the Nitro League Metaverse. A high-tech, futuristic space where players can view NFT cars in the Car Pod, showcase up to 6 cars in a personalized space - walk around the Garage and share pictures, earn daily rewards and more.

Jump into your Nitro League Garage

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Download App Android only, 45 MB