FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Nitro League is a decentralized game metaverse where the community can earn tokens by racing futuristic cars competitively, or by exploring the many in-game activities casually.

The team at Nitro League has been creating games for decades and aims to launch the first-ever high-quality and sustainable NFT racing game in the market. Their vision is to leverage the true power of blockchain technology by making every aspect of the game decentralized, in this way allowing the community to take the lead in the game.

Once you download the game you will be able to play it.
  • There is no KYC requirement
  • The game is designed for users of all ranges - a $30 smartphone will experience the same visuals as a $1,000 phone.
  • There will be a free-to-earn component
  • You can play without a token
  • The token will also be on DEX, a fully regulated global virtual asset trading and custody platform

Genesis cars are the first batch of 5,000 NFT cars released by Nitro League. Of the 5,000 cars there will be 4,200 on sale on the Terra Virtua marketplace. Genesis car holders will get special benefits starting with early access to the game's Beta version, as well as access to the premium loot box rewards.

They are available on the Terra Virtua marketplace (https://terravirtua.io/marketplace). The Nitro League marketplace will be released early next year.

Other than cars, Nitro League will be releasing a number of other NFT’s, such as car parts, blueprints, garage (property), teams, clans, tracks, shops, factories, and much, much more.

You can connect with us on our social media links: https://linktr.ee/nitroleague

Anyone will be able to play the games, there is no KYC requirement or token required to play.

We are mass market-focused, we want everyone playing NITRO. By partnering with Terra Virtua, people will be able to buy car NFTs with credit cards.

This is why we have a AAA game company with over 500m downloads as a partner, a AAA blockchain team, and great commercial games people. We have blended the best of all worlds, we completely recognize that.

The team has been really hustling, getting the IDO launched and the game ready for release in a very short span of time - we couldn't be doing it all without such a stellar team.

We will be using Terra Virtua's marketplace to sell our NFTs for the Nitro League launch, but within a few months, we will have our own “museum” for the players to display their cars. We are also in the midst of creating Nitro’s first race track, with over 40 cars in development, and our whitepaper is complete as well.

Nitro League offers 3 different racing modes for its community:
  • Free-to-Play Mode: Practice your skills and get recognized as a racer.
  • Solo Events: Play-to-Earn as an independent racer.
  • Team Events: Play-to-Earn bigger rewards as part of a team.

Players will compete in events to see who is ultimately the best driver in the metaverse. Players must own a premium NFT car to enter events, and their performance in races will determine their ranking on the event leaderboard, yielding prizes. Weekly tournaments will be held, and top players are assigned a higher rank badge based on their skill and tournament rings.

Yes, by Staking your NITRO you will unlock reward multipliers, giving you access to exclusive events.

If you have earned your REP (reputation level) and XP (experience level) and staked enough tokens, you get to start your own clan, design your own banner, invite your friends to race with you in your clan and design your own tracks to race on.

A car's value can be gauged by its rarity. Cars that are common are cheaper to buy and don't perform as well in races; whereas, rare cars are produced in lesser numbers, are more expensive, and perform better in races. There are 5 rarities - Common, Uncommon, Rare, Special, and Legendary.

Requirements to clone a car through Fusion include a car cloning pod that can be unlocked in the garage. Players will also need 2 cars upgraded to maximum level. Blueprints will specifically show which 2 cars can be fused using the blueprints, and other materials needed for the cloning to be successful (including credits, parts, etc.). $NITRO tokens will also need to be staked for the duration of the cloning as well.

The garage is a very high-tech and futuristic, laboratory-type personal space. It has robotic machinery and digital controls all over. Players will spend most of the time in their garage, which will feature mini-games, car upgrades, stores, social activities, notifications, asset showcases, and much more.

A marketplace is a space to sell NFTs. At launch, we will be using the Terra Virtua marketplace, but within a few months, we will have our own “museum”. In it, players will be able to buy car parts, gas, tickets to enter races, t-shirts, and keychains, a Friggin Track.

NFTs: The garage is a player’s gallery, it’s where their car, artwork, and robot are stored. The robot - think of Jarvis in Ironman - will let a player know what parts need replacing, if their cars require FUEL and repairs, and will then refuel them to improve the performance of the car.

We will be providing information regarding parts, including which attributes it enhances, so you know which upgrades will optimize your gaming experience.

Yes, you can clone any 2 cars for which you have earned a blueprint.

Credit is the common currency of the game which is primarily used to claim assets in the game and is rewarded for gameplay. It is on the blockchain, and it is transferable between players.

Credit is available to spend on a wide range of items, activities, consumables, and upgrades. Credits are not the Nitro League governance token.

NITRO tokens are the Nitro League governance token. NITRO tokens can be staked in the game to earn race bonuses, clone NFT cars, activate the V-Flect robots, and much more.

On our website and in the game (garage).

Every car is a Non Fungible Token. It is an asset minted on the blockchain, and a player can use it in the game as well as own it independently.

A Blueprint is an NFT asset; basically, the "recipe" which tells the player what he needs to build or clone (breed) a specific car.

You can connect with Nitro League community members through our social media platforms: https://linktr.ee/nitroleague

All artwork is being created in-house.

The Nitro team's vision is to take ownership of the Nitro metaverse truly decentralized with respect to technology, authority, and economy. NITRO token holders will be able to participate in key economic decisions by staking their tokens in the ecosystem.